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precision spring manufacturer

precision spring manufacturer

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Custom precision springs manufacturer

A custom precision spring manufacturer can create your specific spring according to the specificity of its future use. Only this professional can identify the technical particularities of the springs that can ensure its performance and durability.

Technical spring conception, RHD has 60 years of experience

Founded in 1952 and run owned by the Huon family until 1989, RHD was formerly a family company with only 15 employees that have centered its activity on the conception of springs. It so has many decades’ years of experience in that domain, more than 60 years within the company has developed specific techniques and adapted its work to all the technologies that can be used in its profession.

When the manager and the son of the founder went in partnership in 1989, the company adopted a new path for insuring its development. The strategy of the group has for foundation an investment policy continuous, the deployment of innovative means of production, an orientation towards financially profitable crenels, in particular car industry and cosmetic, a better international market position. RHD is a pioneer in this "sharp" domain for more than half a century. Is is now one of the most known custom precision spring manufacturer in Europe.

Applications of precision springs

A precision spring manufacturer is able to design all types of springs: tension spring, compression spring, torsion spring. Precision spring can provide all kinds of "precise" movements with maximum efficiency. Precision spring allows optimal adjustment of precision equipment movements.

It is possible to accurately predict the relaxation or compression of the precision spring. This type of spring is mainly used in mechanical and transportation industry, in the medical and pharmaceutical industry and even in the arms industry, in summary, throughout any field which requires precise and (more or less) automated adjustments.

Find precision spring manufacturer

RHD is a precision spring manufacturer which started business more than 60 years ago. Thanks to the technologies developed during these decades of experience, this precision spring manufacturer is able to offer its customers high quality products that meet quality standards and safety regulations. The medical and pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, but also the pump area (injection or diesel car, etc.) are among the RHD specialties. In addition to springs manufacturing, RHD assist customers with professional advices, and personalized studies to create the items that perfectly match their requirements.