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Custom spring manufacturer

Custom spring manufacturer

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Reliable custom spring manufacturer

A custom spring manufacturer is the professional you can trust if you need to buy a spring that will perfectly suit your needs. Only this specialist will be able to create your springs according to their future use in ever the type of spring you need is not available on the market.

RHD, a well-known specialist in springs creation domain

As a custom spring manufacturer since the 50’s, RHD has acquired its fame within 60 years. The company was formerly a family company run by the Huon family and has only 15 employees. But in 1989, the manager and the son of the founder went in partnership and gave the company a new departure based in a well-conceived strategy of development. Based on duration and innovation, the strategy of the group is essentially centered on a politic of continuing investment, a better involvement in the international market, the deployment of productions means that are adapted to nowadays needs, and a strategic direction turned to the most reliable niches markets as the car and cosmetics industries.

In the industrial springs manufacturing, RHD Group is now a great player. Our path of excellence has contributed to enhance the values of our trademark as on the French and on the international market. More and more industrials rely on our solutions that they also choose for the advices and accompaniment offered to the customers, for the added value we bring, and for the fact that we are really pernickety about our way of work.

The different kinds of springs

A spring manufacturer can provide all the kinds of springs that meet your needs, and regardless of the specifications you set.

Different kinds of springs for various functions can be found. Most sectors that we know have the classic form of sausage shape wrapped wire equipped or not with loops at both ends for its installation. They can be tension springs, compression springs or torsion springs. But there are also other specific types of springs, such as flat springs which can have the form of discs or blades. According to their future conditions of use, springs are made of wires of different metals.

RHD, manufacturer of all kinds of springs

RHD is reputed spring manufacturer. The quality of our products is the result of the combination of seven decades of experience and excellent knowledge of current technological. In addition, our factory and manufacturing units at the cutting-edge of technology, provide great precision in manufacturing components.

The company's customers include mechanical engineering, automotive industry, but also cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Always close to its customers and listening to their needs, spring manufacturer RHD is offering its customers a personalized service in the design and implementation of the special springs they need.