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special springs manufacturing

special springs manufacturing

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Special springs manufacturing: contact RHD

For special springs manufacturing, it is recommended to contact an expert. This is the best way to have the spring that can perfectly fit your needs. RHD creates and sells all types of springs, common and special, for 60 years now. This company is one of the most known for industrial springs conception. Its technicians can also accompany you in the choice of the metal and the technology to use for the manufacturing of your special springs.

RHD, a reliable special springs ‘manufacturing

The fame of the group RHD is not any more to be proved in the "sharp" domain of special springs manufacturing, because it evolves in it for 60 years and more. José Dubois and the son of the founder of the company Serge Huon, are at present in the levers of the group since 1989. They thought about an "innovative" growth policy having boosted the growth of the group.

RHD is now a major reference on the market of the manufacturing of industrial springs. In brief, the roads map betting on the excellence which saw to it to regain prestige both on the French market and at the world level. The strategy of the group relies on a policy of continuous investment, the deployment of means of production agreeing with the current needs, an orientation towards financially profitable niches, quite particularly the car industry and cosmetic, an opening on the world market. We align ourselves among the reference actors, due to the quality of the advices and the supports offered to the prospects, the added value which we bring, and the concern of the detail which we show throughout the process of development of our solutions.

Varieties of special springs

Industrial springs are special springs which differ from each other according to the industrial sector where they are used. In industry, the main kind of springs used is spring washers. Other types of special springs are used in manufacturing tools, such as wrenches for rail brakes, leaf springs, corners or anchors. Then in the aerospace industry, other types of special springs are used, mainly draw springs.

Regarding the special springs manufactured by RHD, they are very diverse. In addition, you can order tailor-made springs that perfectly match your specific needs. But to give you an initial overview of RHD products, there are cold wrap compression springs, flat springs, cold wrap torsion springs, cold wrap draw springs, shaped thread springs and precision springs.

The advantages of special springs RHD

For special springs manufacturing, RHD uses advanced equipment and materials. Steel and stainless steel are the main raw materials. However, RHD’s customers can chose the type of material to be used, especially for the alloy. Moreover, RHD can handle the whole process to assemble your various industrial tools.