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RHD, a reliable tension spring supplier

The story of RHD as tension spring supplier began in 1952 with a family springs’ manufacturer company that only has 15 employees. In 1989 Jose Dubois, the director and Serge Huon, the son of the founder went into partnership and turn the little affair to a big company now recognised in the industry sector, as a supplier bit also as a leader in its domain. RHD nowadays works with a 100 staff and send its products in 8 countries. The factory is set in a 7,000 square metre terrain in the northwest of Paris.

A well-known spring supplier

We are among the players of reference as tension spring supplier. Our fame is due to the added value that we bring, the quality of the advice and the supports offered to the customers, and the fact that we are very fastidious in the steps which we undertake. All these assets allowed us to improve our image at the local level that international. The fame of the group is not anymore to be proved in this "sharp" domain, he evolves in it for more than 60 years.

The strategy of the group has for foundation an investment policy continuous, an opening on the international market, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools - computing solutions essentially -, an orientation towards crenels with higher added value, in particular car industry and cosmetic. The RDH group is from now on a player of size in the field of design of industrial springs.

At RHD, the emphasis is always on quality. This starts at the design stage, where the marketing and technical managers consult with clients in order to gain an exact understanding of requirements. This involves the agreeing of a technical specification for the springs to be manufactured and also matching the customer’s commercial and budgetary requirements. The technical discussions will include agreement on the nature of the steel to be used, the compression of the spring and its relaxation constraints. Only once every factor has been agreed is the technical specification signed off and the production process begun. As experienced tension springs suppliers, RHD knows that this exacting approach guarantees a successful outcome.

RHD’s approach as innovative tension springs suppliers

RHD has learned much about the industry over the years and as expert tension springs suppliers, it has developed a sophisticated approach to production. This includes a manufacturing process that has been modelled on automotive industry techniques, where the production line smoothly transforms raw materials into finished products in the most efficient manner possible. The facilities at RHD include a pharmaceutically-approved clean room, which controls the temperature and humidity of the environment and uses robotic cleaning to remove all traces of dust and bacteria.

Tension springs suppliers and business partners

For RHD, it is not enough to be recognised as the leading tension springs suppliers. Instead, the company strives to achieve a real partnership relationship with its clients, which can deliver lasting value to the client’s business. RHD customers include the leading lights of the automobile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and the company is proud of its record in supplying such clients. From the latest computer controlled production to an Eco Design process that minimises CO2 emissions and the volume of raw materials, RHD brings real benefits to its customers.