RHD provides high quality compression springs

Compression springs play an essential role in a wide range of equipment for various industries. To guarantee their quality, it is essential to entrust their production to a specialist. For both standard and more specific requirements, RHD manufactures customized compression springs.


Compression spring

We manufacture cold-coiled compression springs.

Wave spring

We manufacture wave springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Tension spring

We manufacture tension springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Torsion spring

We manufacture torsion springs to meet simple or complex requirements. They can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Wire form spring

Wire forms are used for a wide variety of applications. Pins, hooks, clips, electrical contact parts, and more, they can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Flat spring

Flat springs are made using special tools. They can be produced following their morphology on a radial or linear press. RHD has seasoned experts on both types of machines.

Sub-assembly spring

RHD can offer its customers the option of pre-assembly on machine during production in order to shorten the assembly stages and achieve productivity improvements. We are also able to assemble our part with a part supplied by the customer.

Our offer

RHD, industrial springs reliable supplier

Many industrialists use our products from now on, which they approve by a large majority because of the quality of the advices and the supports we propose to the customers, the added value which we bring, the fact that we show very pernickety in the steps which we undertake for producing our springs. These are many assets which allowed us to raise our prestige both on the French and on the world market. The group RDH is from now on an actor of size in industrial springs design. The group RHD evolves in this “sharp" domain for 50 years.

Serge Huon, son of the founder went in partnership with José Dubois, who found himself at the head of the group since 1989. This association has quite implemented to allow the growth of the company, and thus a lightning success, by establishing a sustainable and innovative growth strategy. The strategy of the group rests on an investment policy continuous, an orientation towards financially profitable crenels, quite particularly car industry and cosmetic, the deployment of means of production agreeing with the current needs, the opening on the international market.

The use of the compression spring in industry

Arc is the first spring invented by Human. Over the millennia, springs have become essential elements in the manufacturing of mechanisms, whether simple or sophisticated. Springs are highly resilient and take their shape back as soon as they are released from the force applied to them. You will find springs in almost all objects used in everyday life, such as hair clips, locks, watches, etc.

Springs are also essential in large parts destined to the automotive, aerospace, agricultural… industries. There are several types of springs and all forms can exist: compression spring, tension or torsion spring, etc.

RHD, a compression spring manufacturer at your disposal

For your needs of compression spring, torsion, flat or tension spring, rely on RHD for their manufacturing. All you have to do is specify all the technical details and our 7000 sq. meters factory will produce your springs within the timeline that suits you. We manufacture your compression springs with 0.1 mm to 6 mm wires using the blank process, and you can claim them to be manufactured with stainless steel, carbon steel or metal.

We have long experienced in the designing of springs for automobile manufacturers, cosmetic companies and companies operating in the medical sector. Each batch is carefully followed throughout the manufacturing process so that your springs ensure you maximum safety.

Robots, bottles of perfume, lighters, industrial machines, watches, shock absorbers, are just a few of the items whose orderly functioning involves one or several small springs. Springs too often remain hidden; yet they are critical parts for a very large amount of ordinary objects. The high mechanical and sometimes thermal or chemical stresses to which springs are subjected combined to their small dimension require production processes to meet very high quality standards. For cutting-edge sectors, for example automotive, pharmaceutical, high-tech industries, and other cutting-edge fields,  it is vital to use springs of the highest possible quality in their products.