A controlled development strategy for the manufacture of springs, with a long-term vision, based on perseverance and stability

RHD is positioned in diversified markets, which contributes to increasing its level of performance and providing it with stability. It has long held a strong position in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors and a presence in a variety of consumer and industrial markets that are recurring consumers of springs. Since its inception, RHD has opened up to export markets. Its presence in more than eight countries, including Germany, with which it produces the largest share of its springs, secures its development. The reputation and the high standards of some international customers underlines the quality of its know-how and expertise. The simplified capital structure and the management with two directors contribute to the stability of the company, facilitate decision-making and ensure the company’s sustainability. Both partners have the same technical, commercial and strategic skills. This is a guarantee for both customers and company staff in the event of temporary crises or serious events.

rhd strategie internationale

RHD is positioned in diversified markets:

  • Pharmacy
  • Beauty & Home
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Aerospace

The diversification of its activities provides RHD with technological bridges as well as economic stability.

stratégie RHD

RHD generates 57% of its turnover internationally and delivers on four continents.

Customer support

RHD accompanies its customers from product design (spring calculation, cost optimisation, impact of the working environment on operation, etc.) to the industrialisation phase by providing its expertise on problems of assembly machine feeding, tangling, and so on. The reputation and the high standards of some national and international customers underlines our know-how and expertise.


On an annual basis since its inception, RHD invests a share of more than 10% of its turnover in its industrial facilities (machines and staff training). This continuous effort, which is above the industry average, means that RHD boasts ultra-modern machinery and a team of expert technicians recognised by our customers.

Sustainable development

For the past 10 years, RHD has been implementing a Sustainable Development policy within the Environmental Managers’ Network.

This policy is based on two major priorities:

  • To reduce the environmental impact on site
    – Implementing significant investments in equipment and thus improving energy efficiency (lighting, heat treatment furnaces, electric motors, etc.)
    – Reducing water resource consumption through recycling.
    – Pooling the transportation of our goods.
    – Sorting and reprocessing of waste
  • •To offset CO2 emissions through reforestation within the reforest’action project