RHD, a recognized draw springs supplier

RHD is a draw springs supplier benefiting from 70 years of experience in this highly demanding field. Its springs are mainly used in the automotive industry, railways, metallurgical and weapons. Thanks to its advanced technology and know-how acquired over the years, RHD is able to satisfy all requests for springs. Even the most sophisticated demands can find solutions with RHD.


Compression spring

We manufacture cold-coiled compression springs.

Wave spring

We manufacture wave springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Tension spring

We manufacture tension springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Torsion spring

We manufacture torsion springs to meet simple or complex requirements. They can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Wire form spring

Wire forms are used for a wide variety of applications. Pins, hooks, clips, electrical contact parts, and more, they can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Flat spring

Flat springs are made using special tools. They can be produced following their morphology on a radial or linear press. RHD has seasoned experts on both types of machines.

Sub-assembly spring

RHD can offer its customers the option of pre-assembly on machine during production in order to shorten the assembly stages and achieve productivity improvements. We are also able to assemble our part with a part supplied by the customer.

Our offer

By combining respect and careful listening of customers with the ability of its teams, RHD provides all professionals with high quality products perfectly matching their requirements. This spring expert uses technology for help. Synergy between its sales force and technical staff allows it to obtain very good results, according to customers’ expectations.

An experienced spring manufacturer

The RDH group is at present an actor of size in the field conception of industrial springs and as a draw spring supplier. RHD is a reference in this “sharp" domain since almost half a century. José Dubois and the founder’s son Serge Huon are now at the head of the company, and concocted an innovative program of growth having accelerated the growth of the group RHD. In brief, an excellent route which contributed to optimize our image on the local plans that worldly.

Numerous industrialists use our services from now on, which they approve by a large majority because of the added value that we bring the quality of the advice and the supports offered to the prospects, the rigor which we show throughout the process of development of our solutions. The strategy of the RHD group establishes itself on a road map of continuous investment, an orientation towards financially profitable niches, in particular the car industry and cosmetic, the deployment of innovative means of production, an opening on the international market.

RHD, reliable draw springs supplier

RHD is known as a high quality draw springs supplier since 1952. He is specialized in the production of small parts in large series. Its range of springs is made of 0.4 mm to 5 mm diameter wire. It responds to all kinds of applications, whether simple or complex.

RHD has a fleet consisting of hundred modern machines that run 24 hours a day throughout the year. Its production fully complies with the requirements of the most important industries of France and Europe. The implementation of the factory near Charles de Gaulle airport facilitates and quickens springs shipping to all destinations.

To meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, RHD has a certified clean room with a fully automated assembly line. Springs used in the manufacturing of cigarette lighters, automotive parts, electrical parts or perfumery are also manufactured in RHD’s workshops.

Although they too often remain hidden, springs play an essential role in a substantial number of familiar objects. Among the very numerous items that necessitate one or several small springs to function efficiently, one would see lighters, robots, but also industrial machines, shock absorbers, bottles of perfume, watches. Because of exposure to multiple kinds of stresses and little size, manufacturing springs imposes strict compliance with very high quality standards. For leading-edge sectors, among which automotive, high-tech industries, pharmaceutical, and other leading-edge sectors,  it is crucial to use springs of the highest quality in their products.