The demanding industrial entrust RHD the design of flat springs

The industrial sector is in constant progress, and requires stakeholders to show more creativity, and use more sophisticated pieces to remain competitive. Being used in the manufacturing of a wide range of industrial and consumer goods, flat springs must combine precision, durability and efficiency. This is the challenge faced by the flat spring manufacturer.


Compression spring

We manufacture cold-coiled compression springs.

Wave spring

We manufacture wave springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Tension spring

We manufacture tension springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Torsion spring

We manufacture torsion springs to meet simple or complex requirements. They can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Wire form spring

Wire forms are used for a wide variety of applications. Pins, hooks, clips, electrical contact parts, and more, they can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Flat spring

Flat springs are made using special tools. They can be produced following their morphology on a radial or linear press. RHD has seasoned experts on both types of machines.

Sub-assembly spring

RHD can offer its customers the option of pre-assembly on machine during production in order to shorten the assembly stages and achieve productivity improvements. We are also able to assemble our part with a part supplied by the customer.

Our offer


RHD, a flat spring specialist

The strategy of the RHD group has for foundation a policy of continuous investment, an orientation towards buoyant markets, quite particularly the car industry and cosmetic, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools – computing solutions mainly-, a better world market position. We represent even among the most recognized actors in springs and as a flat spring manufacturer, due to the advices and the supports we proposed to the prospects, the added value which we bring, and the concern of the detail which we show during the process of development of our solutions.

RHD is a reference in this “sharp" domain since almost half a century. The RHD group is at presents an actor of size in the design of industrial springs. In brief, our map road is betting on the excellence which saw to it to raise our reputation both on the French market and on the international one.

The use of flat springs is booming in the industry

Flat spiral springs are being used in the manufacture of various mechanisms, but their main current use in computing. In computers, flat springs protect electrical contacts, an essential function to ensure the correct functioning of these highly sensitive devices.

For manufacturing flat springs, advanced industrial equipment allows production of large quantities of all types of items.

Entrust your manufacturing stainless steel springs RHD, a reference in the field

Since 1952, as a flat spring manufacturer, RHD is the partner of all types of industries. Although its headquarters are strategically based in the suburbs of Paris, its reputation has expanded far beyond France borders, thanks to the quality of its achievements in complex sectors, such as automotive, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, its three main specialties.

This success was made possible thanks to the skills, experience and professionalism of its team, but also to the strength of its manufacturing equipment and the proven effectiveness of its technological processes. In addition, this flat spring manufacturer places its customers’ requirements on top of its priority list throughout the study, and the manufacturing process.

Whether applications are for consumer goods or industrial products, RHD’s flat springs can be produced in industrial quantities, dimensions and shapes of your choice, but share same high quality level.

Bottles of perfume, watches, lighters, industrial machines, shock absorbers, robots, are but a few of the very numerous items whose orderly functioning needs one or several small springs. Springs are frequently ignored; yet they play a key role in a very large amount of objects for everyday use. The high mechanical and sometimes thermal or chemical stresses to which springs are exposed combined to their small size compliance with very high quality standards is mandatory during the manufacturing process. Cutting-edge fields, among which automotive, pharmaceutical or high-tech industries consider the springs composing their products very seriously.

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