RHD, an experienced spring manufacturer

The excellent route we chose contributed to regain prestige as well on the plan local as international. Our strategy is based on a policy of continuous investment, an orientation towards buoyant markets, particularly the car industry and cosmetic, the deployment of innovative means of production, more implication on the world market. RHD evolves in this “sharp" domain for 60 years.


Compression spring

We manufacture cold-coiled compression springs.

Wave spring

We manufacture wave springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Tension spring

We manufacture tension springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Torsion spring

We manufacture torsion springs to meet simple or complex requirements. They can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Wire form spring

Wire forms are used for a wide variety of applications. Pins, hooks, clips, electrical contact parts, and more, they can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Flat spring

Flat springs are made using special tools. They can be produced following their morphology on a radial or linear press. RHD has seasoned experts on both types of machines.

Sub-assembly spring

RHD can offer its customers the option of pre-assembly on machine during production in order to shorten the assembly stages and achieve productivity improvements. We are also able to assemble our part with a part supplied by the customer.

Our offer

The group RDH is from now on one of the best players on the market of the manufacturing of industrial and miniature springs. Numerous industrialists now use our services that they approve by a large majority because of the fact that we show ourselves very pernickety in the steps which we undertake, advices and the accompaniments proposed to the prospects, the added value which we bring.

Having begun with only 15 employees and as family firm in 1952, RHD is nowadays one of the best springs’ suppliers for many industries. The history of the company changed when in 1989, Serge Huon who was the founder’s son went into partnership with José Dubois. Both of them have worked hard for making their company one of the most demanded springs’ manufacturers in France and Europe. RHD is now present in 8 countries, works with more than 100 staffs. RHD is now a leader in compression, flat, torsion, shaped thread, draw and miniature springs for different industries.

An innovative approach to miniature springs manufacture

RHD is proud of its customer roster, which includes prestigious names in the automobile, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries among others. The company boasts a fully computerised production capability, able to handle the largest and most complex manufacturing challenges. This system also means that every project is completely auditable, with exact knowledge of what is happening when and complete traceability of all components and materials. In this way, the quality of RHD miniature springs is assured.

The science behind miniature springs

All of the miniature springs manufactured by RHD are subject to the same rigorous testing and the highest standards of production to ensure the utmost quality. Every aspect of the design is scrutinised to ensure that all expectations are met and that the technical specification of the miniature springs is understood and adhered to. This includes making decisions about the type of steel to be used, the relaxation constraints of the spring and its compression characteristics. Only then is the spring design finalises and signed off and the production run can commence in RHD’s modern, 7,000 square metre factory.

Your partner for miniature springs

The company works closely with its customers in a true partnership approach in order to fully understand the needs for miniature springs and how they can be met in the design process. RHD’s production capability is designed on the same principles as an automobile plant, with efficient movement of raw materials and components right through the manufacturing process and into quality testing, acceptance and dispatch. The company is also aware of today’s need for more environmentally friendly processes and products and that is why it operates an ECO Design system to reduce the use of raw materials and lower CO2 emissions during production.

Most people ignore that springs play an essential role a vast number of objects for everyday use. shock absorbers, lighters, bottles of perfume, robots, watches, industrial machines, appear on the list of goods whose efficient functioning uses one or several small springs. The multiple kinds of stresses to which springs are exposed combined to their small dimension compliance with very high quality standards is mandatory during the producing process. For leading-edge fields, for example pharmaceutical, high-tech industries, automotive, and other cutting-edge sectors,  it is of the utmost importance that the springs used in their products are of the highest possible quality.