Spring pin system

Many industrial sectors use spring pin systems to joint two mechanical parts together. Several varieties of pins do exist, from spring pin to hair pin clips.


Compression spring

We manufacture cold-coiled compression springs.

Wave spring

We manufacture wave springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Tension spring

We manufacture tension springs to meet simple or complex requirements.

Torsion spring

We manufacture torsion springs to meet simple or complex requirements. They can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Wire form spring

Wire forms are used for a wide variety of applications. Pins, hooks, clips, electrical contact parts, and more, they can be manufactured from standard machines or specific tools.

Flat spring

Flat springs are made using special tools. They can be produced following their morphology on a radial or linear press. RHD has seasoned experts on both types of machines.

Sub-assembly spring

RHD can offer its customers the option of pre-assembly on machine during production in order to shorten the assembly stages and achieve productivity improvements. We are also able to assemble our part with a part supplied by the customer.

Our offer

RHD, a springs and metal pins expert

The strategy of growth of the RHD group bases itself on a policy of continuous, common investment over several years, an orientation towards financially profitable niches, in particular the car industry and cosmetic, a better world market position, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools – computerized tools essentially-. These assets allowed us to regain prestige as well at the level local as world.

RHD evolves in this “sharp" domain for 50 years, creating springs and spring pins systems. Georges Huon, founder of the company, chose this activity as business. The group RDH is from now on an actor of size on the market of the manufacturing of industrial springs. We position among the most recognized actors, due to the care about the detail which we show throughout the process of development of our solutions, the quality of the advices and the accompaniments proposed to the customers, the added value which we bring.

What are spring pin systems?

Spring pin systems are used in most industries to ensure the attachment of two parts used in the manufacturing of a machine. Once they are mounted in a mechanism, the pins are used to absorb the shocks caused by two parts which are fit together.

The positioning pins are also useful to make sure that two parts are correctly place positioned relative to each other. Spring pin systems also serve as axis, and also ensure safety in a montage by shearing when the load is too heavy.

Discover spring pin systems

RHD factory has been manufacturing springs of any kind for more than half a century. Our products are of high quality and you can implement them in your machine for safe use by end users.

We are experienced in the manufacturing of springs for the automotive, cosmetics and pharmaceutical and medical industries. We also produce tailored spring pin system according to your needs for your equipment.

Raw materials used are very varied; we can manufacture springs in stainless steel, carbon steel, metal or hallestoy. All you have to do is specify all the characteristics of your items such as their size, the forces to which they will be subjected, and we deliver them in a timely manner.

Throughout the production, the quality of your products is strictly controlled to meet the international standards.

On the very long list of goods that require one or several small springs to work efficiently, one would see watches, shock absorbers, bottles of perfume, lighters, robots, but also industrial machines. Springs play an essential but generally unexpected role in a vast number of ordinary objects. Because of exposure to considerable mechanical and sometimes thermal or chemical stresses and small dimension, springs must be produced in accordance with very high quality standards. For firms in automotive, pharmaceutical, high-tech industries, and other leading-edge fields,  it is crucial to use the best springs in their products.